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5 types of Amazing Biryanis in India you should try once

5 types of Amazing Biryanis in India you should try once

1. Lucknowi Biryani

Straight from the streets of Lucknow, Lucknowi biryani is comparatively milder on spices yet offers a distinguished and flavoursome taste. Also known as the ‘Awadhi biryani’ (Awadh – The present day Lucknow and Home to Mughals who ruled for more than 300 years), the Lucknowi Biryani has its unique cooking style, known as “dum pukht”, where the meat and rice are half cooked separately and then cooked together again to give that essence of flavour and the perfection that’s just needed. Many claim that “Lucknowi or Awadhi Biryani” is the first appearance of biryani in India.

2. Mughalai Biryani

The Mughal Biryani fits the royal palate of dishes, as this was originated during the Mughal rule, who themselves are fond foodies and lavish eaters. Often Seasoned with nuts and raisins, one is all set for relishing the royalty with Mughalai biryani. In modern India, you will find the best Mughlai biryani in Delhi and neighbouring areas.

3. Kashmiri Biryani

Kashmiri biryani is more like a pulao, but it is cooked in the same style as other biryanis, for a long period of time, but with different spices. It is sweeter, with no garlic and not onion.

4. Kanpuri Biryani

A lesser known version, Kampuri Biryani originates from the Muslim town of Assam. There is a lot of added vegetables like peas, carrots, potatoes, capsicums and beans with spices to the meat.

5. Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata biryani has a sweet tinge to it and is lighter in spices, a characteristic of many Bengali dishes. Potato is the integral ingredient in this appetizing dish. Add to that, saffron, nutmeg and kewra, which lends a soothing aroma to the biryani. Another well-known biryani in north, the Dhakai Biryani is a closer version of Kolkata biryani with a lot of potatoes-incorporation.

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